Your suspension is a major component of your bike.  It needs to be serviced and inspected to restore lost performance.

We completely disassemble all suspension components, clean, inspect and replace worn parts as required (seals & bushings).  Set the preload, and carefully re-assembled with new oil and re-charge nitrogen.

This service should be done at every 50 hour intervals and contaminated fluids replaced every 25 hours.

Shock Service     $120

  • Lowering (reversible)
  • Oil Seal Replacement
  • Spring Rate Changes
  • Heavy Duty Snow Bike Springs
  • Shock Bladder Kits
  • Inner Fork Tube Polishing
  • Fork Bleeder Valves
  • Seal Savers
  • Mud Scrappers
  • Air to Spring Conversion Kits (WP - AER, Showa - TAC, KYB - PFS)


Other Services and products

Fork Service        $120

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